Lady Gaga 10 Years of Artpop

“Greetings from Himerous…”

Calling all Mary Jane Hollands, Gypsies, Donatellas and Swine!

Get yourself a Manicure, dress up in your best Fashion (but leave your Jewels n’ Drugs at home) and join us this November to celebrate 10 years of Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP!

“I live for the applause, applause, applause…”

We’ll be playing all of ARTPOP (obvs with the Xtina version of ‘Do What U Want’ replacing the original), plus all of her best singles and album tracks from throughout her career! Yes, it’s all your Sexxx Dreams come true!


We’ve got hosting and performance from the iconic Vin Dicktiv, with early attendees getting their pick of our LG pop star face masks, PLUS we have a life-size cut out of Gaga to pose with for selfies!

“My ARTPOP could mean anything…”

Cheaper advance tickets available now for those with a good Aura – it’s gonna be Dope!


Aatma, M1 1BE

Last Minute Madonna Party

Calling all Beautiful Strangers, Bad Girls, Gamblers, Lucky Stars… basically Everybody!

It’s no Secret that our Ray Of Light, the ultimate queen of pop MADONNA is touring her greatest hits right now in London, and we’re Burning Up with excitement!

Since she’s only used Manchester as a rehearsal space, we’ll be Causing A Commotion by hosting a night dedicated to her this Saturday 21st October at Aatma in Manchester – Sorry ’bout it!

???? YOU CAN DANCE: We’ll be playing all our Material Girl’s best Music, including singles, album tracks, collaborations and the occasional Deeper And Deeper cut. It’s a 100% pure Celebration of Madonna, so that’s all you’ll be dancing to all night!

???? FOR INSPIRATION: Why not Express Yourself with our free Madonna cardboard pop star face masks for early attendees! However don’t get Hung Up if we run out – they’re all first come, first served, so Don’t Tell Me you weren’t warned!

???? COME ON: We’ve even got a Vogue competition where the best dancer can win a prize of a framed photo of Madonna herself!

???? I’M WAITING: Tickets on sale now!


Aatma, M1 1BE