Venue Hire

If you would like to hire our venue as an external promoter, please email This allows you to organise your own line-up of bands and/or DJs and take full control of ticket price and sales. This line-up must be approved by us. We are a licensed venue and do not offer dry hire or control of the bar. We also insist on supplying our in-house sound engineer and our regular SIA licensed door staff when required.

Event Space
Multi-purpose event space.  Please contact us if you want to hire the space. Email

The dimensions of the space are: 16.6m (length) x 9m (width), a total of 150 square meters or 1,600 square feet.

DJ Equipment:

2 * Pioneer PLX 1000 (equivalent to Technics) ,  Formula Sound FF4000 mixer,  2 * Pioneer CDJ 800s

We can also offer a Pioneer XDJ-RR Rekordbox for an additional £30.

Tech Spec:

Large stage area * 0.6m (H) x 5m (W) x 5m (D)

Behringer: DIGITAL MIXER X32 * 40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 32 Programmable MIDAS Preamps, 25 Motorized Faders

Yamaha graphic EQ

6800W total for front of house PA:

2 * Ohm TRS 218 subs

2 * Ohm TRS 212 mid/high

1 * Ohm CFU-A3 amplifier

1 * Ohm EA 2400 amplifier

1 * Ohm cred controller

2450W total for stage monitors:

Behringer CX3400 Super x Pro Stereo 2 or 3 WAY Crossover

1 * Talex 1200 Watts Speakers (with 2 15″ bottoms/mids and titanium tweeters with horns)

2  * Stage Monitors (400W each)

1  *Mackie SRM450V2 Stage Monitor (450W)

4 * SM58s

1 * Sennheiser e602 MKII Kick Drum mic

3 * SM 57s

Lighting spec:

2 * Showtec Phantom 50

GLP lighting desk

400mm mirror ball

4 * LEDJ Intense 19T3 RGB LED Slim Par

Other Equipment:

Smoke machine.

Projector and screen