Tombed Visions presents Dream Skills, David Birchall, Records and Evidence Centre

Tombed Visions presents an evening of outsider electronics! Suggested donation £5/£10 depending on your wallet – all funds go directly to the musicians and venue hire. PayPal or Cash (we’ll sort it on the door)
Dream Skills:
Dream Skills is the solo guise of Donald Grant McLean. Although more well known in the independent music scene as the founder of iconoclastic noise rock unit Action Beat, whose gruelling, decades long touring schedule in both Europe and the United States are campaigns worthy of mention in the annals of DIY Punk, in the last several years, McLean’s primary focus has shifted to electronic music in a similarly iconoclastic fashion. The emergence of Action Beat splinter group OMA, helmed by former The Ex vocalist G.W. Sok, give a good indication of the kind of sonic territory McLean’s solo project inhabits, having made records whilst in residency at WORM, Rotterdam and at the world-renowned Devon Analogue Studio.
Don and G.W. Sok recently recorded with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago. The album will be out on SGG records in the summer of 2024 followed by a US tour in July 2024.
“An idea with the recording at Steve Albini’s was to utilize his professional knowledge of sound, while harnessing the power of electrical audio’s amplifiers and microphones using only analog synthesis. I took advantage of the beautiful sonic dynamics of studio B and had an interest in exploring how to make the synthesizer sound like a guitar for this particular ‘idea’. At certain points of the recording, I peaked the amps and tape on purpose to create a distortion like none other. It was beautiful. The results with Jos’ vocals are fascinating to me. Thank you for listening”. Donald Grant McLean
For the latter half of Dream Skills set, he will be joined by David McLean (Saxophones) and Lauren McLean (voice) for a trio performance. All three have recently returned from Japan where they performed with Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins!) and Masahiro Tobita of Envy/Mouse On The Keys.
David Birchall and The Prepared Banjo
Manchester’s busiest improviser has recently began experimenting with prepared banjo and an array of speakers to create gorgeous, earthy drones bristling full with quiet elemental force. I last witnessed him perform this set at the Tallyrand and he had the entire room gently vibrating.
Records and Evidence Centre

Mysterious new dread electronic outfit from another member of Action Beat, expect haunted atmos and creeping dread.