Pre Millennium Shake, Book Launch

The third and final instalment of music writing from Ian Moss, aka Moet, combined with an autobiographical thread and 1000 singles from the 1990s selected and assessed.


Book launch with spoken WORD performances and in conversation with Ian Moss and Mick Middles.

VOLUME 2 – 1980-89

by Ian Keith Moss – Foreword by Mick Middles

Ian Moss’s second volume of singles reviews, following The Original Soundtrack that covered 1970-79, covers a decade of extreme political upheaval. From the threat of nuclear war and the miner’s strike to acid house and the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was plenty to get worked up about in the eighties, but great societal panics often bring with them fantastic music.

As a part of no tribe Ian runs his eye over the profusion of musical genres produced by the decade from the dying embers of post-punk to early house and garage, the rise of hip-hop, the burst of colour brought by new romantics and synth-pop which sat besides the likes of George Michael, Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna at the top of the pop charts.

Yet even these stars were soon stopped in their tracks by advances in technology that allowed hits to be composed in bedrooms by innovative and talented artists who would never have got through the door at a major label in previous eras yet became the basis for whole new musical genres.
Ian Moss takes the reader on a journey through arguably the most influential decade in music history.


Ian Moss’s first book 100 Unhip Albums’ (We Must Learn to Love) was a hit with music lovers from all over the world during the enforced Covid-19 lockdown. His polemic style asserts rather than persuades and forces you to listen to the music and make up your own mind. The Original Soundtrack is volume 1 of his life story told in the same forthright, open and honest manner.

As the vocalist and lyricist of bands such as Stepbrothers, Sicknurse, Kill Pretty, and currently, Four Candles, Ian has realised his own musical vision. But he has also created opportunities and spaces for other bands and artists as the founder and co-owner of the German Shepherd Record label. His writing reflects someone who loves music and wants to share it. It also reflects the personality of someone who has spent his life championing music that most people don’t get to hear. In a world where access to music is easier than it has ever been, and where vast choices are available, Moss is uniquely positioned to direct you to overlooked gems.