1919, Ombudsmen & Pleasure Island

Spill out into Rat Alley for some cigs and booze between three of the hottest acts the scene has to offer.

Iceman Productions brings you the twisted, gothic melodies of 1919, the angular rhythms of Ombudsmen and the catchy, trashy hooks of Pleasure Island at Aatma in Manchester on Friday 6th October

Intersperse the joy of these three by rubbing shoulders with the most interesting surviving members of Manchester’s counter-culture scene, whether it be in the venue, rat alley or the toilets.

Ausgang + SENEX IV

Songs of Preys Music Production of 80’s Post-Punk/Goth icons AUSGANG playing Live at AATMA in Manchester before they embark of the first leg of their USA tour. They will be supported by SENEX IV.