Cthonic Odio Tour – NervoChaos (BR) / Violentor (IT) / Reign of Erebus

HeathenStorm Productions, in association with Tumba Produções and Etrurian Legion Promotion, are proud to bring Brazilian Death Metal veterans NERVOCHAOS back to the UK this Summer.

One of the top five South American Death Metal bands, with eleventh album “Cthonic Wrath” just released. Their relentless brutality shows no sign of slowing down, and a week of blistering aggression is promised.

Tour support comes from Italian stalwarts VIOLENTOR, fetching their raw and fast Punk Thrash to these shores. The defiant rage of 2022 album “Manifesto di Odio” is certain to demand unbridled chaos from the pit.

Local Support from REIGN OF EREBUS

NERVOCHAOS – https://facebook.com/NervoChaos
VIOLENTOR – https://facebook.com/VIOLENTOR666
REIGN OF EREBUS – https://facebook.com/reignoferebus

Tour News and Updates:

Tickets £10 + bf

Sleeping Eye Presents: Slimelord, Coffin Mulch, Gorgon Vomit and Mutagenic Host

Sleeping Eye Presents an evening of the foulest Death Metal the UK has to offer.
From the bogs, something foul comes. Putrid Death Doom from Leeds.
Performing material from the new album, out soon on 20 Buck Spin
Coffin Mulch
Scottish HM-2 wielding assault. Not to be missed
New album out soon on AWWFN Records
Gorgon Vomit
Bestial Babylon Death Metal. Jah Retch!
Mutagenic Host
Noxious, disease ridden Death Metal from London.
Demo out now on Dry Cough Records
Saturday 8th July 2023
14-16 Faraday Street
M1 1BE
Advance Tickets: £8.00
OTD: £10.00